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Professional Coaching

Interview with confidence and create an effective job search strategy!

Beginning your job search with the right mindset and strategy is crucial. Bridgemore Resume Design's Career & Interview Coaching session will prepare you and help you gain confidence during this process.

Coaching sessions are very relaxed, as we want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you have and gain as much as possible from the time we work together.


To purchase please visit the product page on Bridgemore Resume Design: Career & Interview Coaching

Each session lasts one hour and is tailored to meet your needs.

Our coaching is typically divided into three parts. However, we will gladly tailor the hour to your specific needs.

Part One: Q&A

Maybe you've been stumped by a question on a job interview before or don't feel confident about specific aspects of interviewing. Perhaps there's an aspect of Interview Coaching and Job Search Strategy (see below) that you would like to focus on. We will address your questions and concerns and give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in your next interview!

Part Two: Interview Coaching

Here we will cover the actual interview process: what to expect from the interviewer, behavioral-based interviewing techniques, how to answer difficult or uncomfortable questions, and the interview exit procedure. We will also discuss post-interview etiquette including the use of a post-interview thank you letter and follow-up procedures.

Part Three: Job Search Strategy

Topics included:

  • Applicant tracking software compliance
  • The importance of customizing personal branding statements
  • The hidden job market, and how to access it
  • Techniques to approach a recruiter or hiring manager
  • Proper application follow-up etiquette
  • How to leverage LinkedIn
  • The best websites to search for jobs
  • How to keep track of jobs you've applied to


If you have any questions, please email or call us at (305) 305-7981.

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